OPUS and Emory Email

    Please read the following instructions and provide your electronic review certification below by selecting "Submit".
    Set Up OPUS Account
    Setting up your online accounts—including OPUS and your campus email—are critical steps in the process of becoming a Candler student. You will need access to both in order to register for classes, pay your admission deposit, and receive important messages, among other things.
    Now that you have submitted your online application, you should create an OPUS (Online Pathway to University Students) account. OPUS is the university's main system of record and this is how other offices on campus will begin communicating with you. You can do this by going to the link as outlined below and entering the requested information. Follow these steps:
    1. Navigate to https://opus.emory.edu.
    2. Below the login window, click on the Obtain Network ID and Password link.
    3. Follow the instructions listed to enter required information and click Get Network ID.
    The network ID and password you receive will be different than the information you used to log into your application. During peak times access to the OPUS account could take 4-5 days after submission of your application for admission. It will be important for you to use this site when applying for financial aid to check the status of your package and manage any outstanding items on your financial aid checklist.

    For help signing in or setting up your OPUS account, please visit:

    *Please note that setting up your OPUS account is required.**

    Pay Your Deposit
    Set up and log into your OPUS account and confirm your intention to enroll by submitting the $100 deposit within three weeks of receiving your scholarship notification. Next, Pay your deposit.

    Emory Email Account
    After you have placed your enrollment deposit, your official Emory student email address will be automatically generated within 48 hours. The web login can be found at email.emory.edu and you will need to login using the same NetId and password you utilize for OPUS to login .

    Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication Set-Up
    **After ** you have received your email address, your security access for OPUS will need to be updated by setting up Duo Security Two-factor authentication. This adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. Verifying your identity using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile device) prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password. Please complete the steps here to continue so that you are still able to log into OPUS.
    Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

    Please Note: This checklist item will be reviewed and updated at the time your deposit is processed.